About us

“Fata Morgana” was born by the initiative of professors, savants and critics, who work at the Degree's course in Disciplines of Music and Performing Arts of the University of Calabria (Italy). At the same time the journal involves philosophers and artists who are interested in reflecting on the relationship between image and thought.

This project, based on monographic volumes, means to conduct research on some of the problematic points of our contemporaneousness.

”Fata Morgana” proposes itself in an open way, where the instruments used to analyse the cinema intersect deeply with the reflections coming from other fields of knowledge to conduct research into a conceptual dynamics.

The journal, with the tribute of savants who come from different disciplines, proposes the cinema as an instrument of research, reflection and special look, with which going through themes, that every time will construct the monographic way of the number.



Each number is divided into three sections:

The first one consists in a conversation with philosophers, intellectuals or artists, who worked on the subject.

The second one presents essays of general interest, where the chosen subject is declined with heterogeneous points of view.

The third one presents texts that are focused on single movies, images, sequences or details always tied to the monographic subject.


Peer review